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Used Pallets & Wood Waste Recycling

In addition to the company’s timber packaging and pallet division, C. J. Sheeran Limited operates a complementary used pallets recycling division, providing a unique and cost-effective service to clients for the removal of their used pallets and wooden packaging waste, on a nationwide scale.

C. J. Sheeran Limited are fully licensed to remove and recycle used pallets and wooden packaging waste (EWC Code 150103) from our clients facilities.

Product and service offerings from this section of the business include:

  • Removal of all used pallets wood packaging waste from your facility
  • Reconditioned Pallets
  • Woodchip for Panel Board Manufacture
  • Biofuel
  • Woodchip for Animal Bedding/Equestrian Surfacing
  • Second Harvest Landscape Woodmulch

Our used pallet recycling operation ensures that none of this stream goes to landfill, providing our clients with safe and eco-friendly alternatives.

This service is operated under the company’s Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Licence No. P0337-01 with the EPA and a Multi-Region Waste Collection Permit. The company is also a Repak approved packaging recovery operator.

C. J. Sheeran Limited guarantee complete compliance with all applicable regulations and legislations and can provide all necessary documentation and certifications upon request.
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