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CJ SHEERAN is Ireland’s largest supplier of timber packaging and pallets, providing a premium quality, sustainable and accredited packaging solution to Ireland and the UK’s diverse network of pallet consumers in the Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Technological, Engineering and General Manufacturing Sectors.

We produce a broad range of both standard and specialised timber packaging and pallet modules to include pallets, cases, crates, boxes, potato boxes, skids and dunnage and also recover in excess of 1.2m pallets per annum.

CJS are the only pallet manufacturing company in Ireland to hold all 3 core ISO Certifications (ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001) as well as FSC® and Sedex SMETA 4 Pillar Conformity.  We are setting industry standards in terms of quality, service and value for money.  We offer a complete packaging solution for your business.  With separately licensed plants in Laois, Dublin and Mayo we provide our customers with an unrivaled service and business continuity.

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CJ SHEERAN: Ireland’s leading pallet supplier.
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ISPM No.15 and Wood Packaging Material (WPM) requirements in the event of a ‘No-deal’ Brexit


Dear Sir/Madam,

In the context of Brexit, we are making contact with you as a registered producer of International Standard for Phytosanitary Measure No. 15 (ISPM No.15) compliant wood and/or Wood Packaging Material (WPM) and specifically in relation to ISPM15 requirements for WPM used in international trade. We wish to inform you of the stated positions of the UK and the EU in relation to ISPM No.15 and WPM.

Export of goods using WPM from Ireland to the UK
As you are no doubt aware currently WPM, including pallets, crates and dunnage, used in the transport of goods moving from Ireland to the UK does not need to meet ISPM No.15 requirements. In the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit the position of the UK Government, as indicated in its guidance document updated 18th January 2019 (and which can be accessed by following the link below), is that “all WPM moving between the UK and the EU must meet ISPM15 international standards by undergoing heat treatment and marking. All WPM may be subject to official checks either upon or after entry to the EU.”

Imports of goods using WPM from UK to Ireland
The EU has indicated the following regarding imports into the EU. “As of the withdrawal date, the introduction of plants, plant products and other objects from the United Kingdom into the EU-27 will be governed by this Directive (Council Directive 2000/29/EC). This is in particular relevant for the introduction into the EU of wood packaging material: such wood packaging, whether or not actually in use for the transport of objects of all kinds, has to be compliant with a treatment and mark as specified in the FAO International Standard for Phytosanitary measures No 15 (‘ISPM 15’)”.

Keeping up to date
In the context of your own Brexit preparedness and should you wish to clarify to customers on the UK Government’s position and the EU Commission’s position in the event of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, we would request you refer to the above links in order that you and your customers are fully informed of the official positions. Pharmacology is very time-consuming and costly: yes, a new drug takes 13.5 years from initial discovery to approval. And not all potential drugs make it to the market. So, Generic Sildenafil will always beat Viagra and come out selling higher at – but of course, it wouldn’t be able to exist without the initial branded formulation. You are strongly urged to keep this evolving situation under review.

Contacts and further information:

Any queries in relation to this matter or from your customers can also be sent by email to

Tom McDonald
Forestry Inspector Grade I
Forest Health Surveys/ISPM15/Region North
31st January 2019

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