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CJ SHEERAN is Ireland’s largest supplier of timber packaging and pallets, providing a premium quality, sustainable and accredited packaging solution to Ireland and the UK’s diverse network of pallet consumers in the Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Technological, Engineering and General Manufacturing Sectors.

We produce a broad range of both standard and specialised timber packaging and pallet modules to include pallets, cases, crates, boxes, potato boxes, skids and dunnage and also recover in excess of 1.2m pallets per annum.

CJS are the only pallet manufacturing company in Ireland to hold all 3 core ISO Certifications (ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001) as well as FSC® and Sedex SMETA 4 Pillar Conformity.  We are setting industry standards in terms of quality, service and value for money.  We offer a complete packaging solution for your business.  With separately licensed plants in Laois, Dublin and Mayo we provide our customers with an unrivaled service and business continuity.

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The Latest Timber Packaging & Pallet Industry News: Issue 8


Welcome to Issue No. 8 of our Newsletter, keeping you up-to-date with what’s happening in the industry.

With just under 5 weeks to go until Brexit and with a No Deal Brexit looking more and more likely, we remind you of the ISPM15 heat-treatment requirements for pallets entering and exiting the UK.  We’ve got you covered.

We congratulate our Business Development Director, Fergal Moran, on his recent appointment to the Board of Timcon.  [Pictured: John Dye, President of Timcon & Fergal Moran, Business Development Director CJS].

And we launch TalentTree®, our Corporate Training & Development Programme.

As always, if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at – we would love to hear from you.

MD, CJ Sheeran Limited


Fergal Moran CJS

This edition’s features:

  1. An Unpalletable Brexit
  2. Fergal Moran appointed to the Board of Timcon
  3. TalentTree®, our Corporate Training & Development Programme
  4. CJS receive WFQA Certificate

Don’t hesitate to send us your industry related comments or queries directly to as we would love to hear from you.

An Unpalletable Brexit

There is now a very real prospect that there will be a No Deal Brexit on October 31st. 

In a No Deal scenario, all Wooden Packaging Material (WPM) such as pallets, crates, boxes, dunnage etc. going into and out of the UK including Northern Ireland and those using the UK as a landbridge to/from the continent, will need to comply with ISPM15.  There will be no implementation period and this rule will take effect from exit day.

We have been preparing for and raising awareness on this scenario for over a year now.  We also featured on the SixOne News, which you can watch here in case you missed it.  We have installed additional kilns at our manufacturing plants and now have the largest kiln drying and heat-treatment capacity in Ireland and the UK.  We will not let you down.  If you need ISPM15 heat-treated pallets contact us now to discuss your requirements and to ensure that your timber packaging is Brexit ready.

NOTE: ISPM15 is a  global rule designed to stop the spread of invasive insects such as bark beetles.  Timber packaging needs to be heat-treated to eradicate such pests and marked with a special mark.  Currently pallets moving within the EU do not have to be heat-treated as the EU enjoys single country status.  However, if there is a Hard Brexit, the UK will become a ‘third country’ and this ISPM15 rule will come into effect immediately.  

Fergal Moran appointed to the Board of Timcon

We are very proud to announce that Fergal Moran, our Business Development Director, has just been appointed to the Board of Timcon, the UK based Timber Packaging, and Pallet Confederation, at a presentation in Cardiff Castle last week.

Fergal’s appointment to the Board is a great achievement, both personally and professionally, and a reflection of his capabilities and standing in the pallet and packaging industry. In his role, Fergal will both contribute to and have access to a wealth of industry knowledge, ensuring that our customers and those of his counterparts, are always provided with the best of technical support and are ahead of any developments in the industry.

Fergal holds Honours Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Business Degrees from the University of Limerick and is a Qualified Chartered Accountant.

 Fergal joined CJS in 2012 with extensive industry experience, having worked in the sector since 1994, with his family having a long history in the industry. With an in-depth knowledge of the timber packaging requirements of the Food and Drink, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Technological Industries, Fergal leads our Sales Team which has overseen exceptional organic growth over the last several years. Fergal is also intrinsically involved in the development and implementation of corporate strategy at CJS.

Timcon Logo
Fergal Moran CJS

“It’s a great honour to be appointed to the Board of Timcon, an organisation that has been to the forefront of promoting, developing and leading our industry for over 70 years”, said Fergal. “I have a huge amount of admiration and respect for the work that existing board members have done over the years. I hope the experience I’ve gained in our industry over the past 25 years, in particular since joining CJ Sheeran, can have a positive influence on activities in Timcon. I’m looking forward to making a positive contribution”.

John Dye, President of Timcon added “On behalf of myself and fellow board members, I’d like to welcome Fergal to the board of Timcon. We’ve known him for several years and are delighted he’s joining us. As a major player in their industry in Ireland, it’s encouraging that Fergal and CJ Sheeran are keen to be involved at Board level in Timcon. We look forward to working with him to promote and develop our industry into the future”.

We are delighted to announce the launch of TalentTree® our new Corporate Training & Development Programme.  CJ Sheeran are keen advocates of further education and have encouraged and supported many employees to return to education so as to upskill and to increase their knowledge base for their own betterment and in turn, the betterment of the business.

From Bachelor of Business Studies Degrees, Accounting Technician Courses, Post Graduates in Management, Transport Manager CPCs, Apprenticeships in HGV Mechanics and Wood Machinists to Lean Management Green Belt Certificate Courses to name but a few.

Through our TalentTree® Training & Development Programme there will be a focussed approach on ramping up our team’s competencies and skillsets.  The Programme will afford our employees the opportunity to upskill beyond mandatory job-specific training and to focus on their own personal and professional development with the view to progressing within their career at CJS.  

CJS receive WFQA Certificate

CJ Sheeran were presented with a WFQA (Wood Fuel Quality Assurance) Certificate at the National Ploughing Championships last week for our woodfuel product, produced from recycled residue, as an alternative to fossil fuel.  “We are delighted to have achieved this standard”, says Eithne Hendricken, QESH Manager at CJS.  “A top quality woodfuel product from wood residue that has a lot of environmental benefits.  Another string to the CJ Sheeran bow”.

The Wood Fuel Quality Assurance (WFQA) scheme provides a simple but reliable way for consumers to purchase quality wood fuels that are accurately described, meet the supplier’s stated product specifications, and are produced in compliance with EUTR (EU Timber Regulation) ensuring sustainably produced woodfuels. Using a Wood Fuel Quality Assurance (WFQA) wood fuel will ensure that you are matching the correct grade of wood fuel to your wood burning appliance, ensuring optimal efficiency and heating. Contact us now for further details.
Autumn Newsletter

We hope you have enjoyed the 8th edition of our Newsletter; watch out for our next edition coming soon!

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